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Ryan Maupin

Ryan Maupin
Associate Broker
505-662-6789 Ext. 37
Ryan Maupin grew up in Reno, Nevada, with dreams of becoming an astronaut.  This dream took him to MIT and Stanford to pursue degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics (i.e., “rocket science”).  While at MIT, Ryan was recruited by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to work in the Advanced Simulation and Computing program.  Ryan turned down a job at NASA and joined LANL instead. After arriving here for work, Ryan fell in love with Los Alamos.  He began rock climbing the local cliffs, and that sport eventually led him into mountaineering.  Ryan has climbed all 58 “14ers” in Colorado and the highest peak in North America, Denali, along with other mountains in the Cascades, the Alps, and his native Sierras.   Ryan also found another love in Los Alamos, his wife, Jessica.  Ryan and Jessica are raising four children (and some chickens) at their house in Pajarito Acres.  Jessica, who went to law school after earning her civil engineering degree, operates The Maupin Law Firm.   Although Ryan’s mountaineering adventures have slowed down a bit after having kids, Ryan still enjoys being active around Los Alamos.  Depending on the season, Ryan can be found skiing or mountain biking at Pajarito Mountain, playing golf at the local course, hiking around Bandelier, playing tennis at “drop-in doubles” on Saturday mornings at Urban Park, and fly-fishing in the Jemez.   Los Alamos has always been a special place for Ryan.  He moved here for his first real job.  He met his wife, bought his first house, and started raising his family here.  He also made his decision to start his own business here after working for 20 years at LANL.  Ryan draws upon these life experiences to help others going through similar situations.   Whether you are a recent hire at the Lab looking to buy your first house, a young couple looking to begin your new life or a family together, or a long-term Lab employee ready to retire, Ryan can help guide you through the process and help you with your corresponding real estate needs.  You can reach out to Ryan by calling him at (505) 412-3125 or sending him an email at  Alternatively, you can look for him around town.  He’s the one with the big smile wearing a suit and tie.